Superstar Agent

Leo , 01 Aug 2018

Sean is a superstar agent. He is knowledgeable and professional in what he is doing. I remembered he has done research online (like on my property, newly and existing market rate around the area etc) before our first meet up. He is very honest and frank in evaluating my property during the first meet up. When I ask him questions, he answered and I am very impressed that he knows a lot of things. He has also given me advice when I am in doubt at times.

He has helped me to look for contacts (for cleaners, settlement agent, handyman etc). Without his help, I will have to spend time to look for it myself. He is very friendly and polite in dealing with customers/clients during house opening. He explains very thoroughly and answered to all their queries.

Lastly I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Sean for his effort in helping me to sell off my place in a very short period of time. I have no regret in engaging Top Realty as my property agent. I will definitely recommend Top Realty to all my friends/colleagues/relatives if they need to sell/buy properties.